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Seeking to glorify and enjoy God through worship, work, and witness.


Trinity Church is being received into Christ Community Church of Wilmington NC. We are thankful to the Lord for His clear leading. Here are pictures from a night of Thanksgiving hosted by the Council of Trinity and their wives with the Leadership Team from Christ Community Church.
So what will this mean for Trinity? The ministry meetings of Christian Recovery Houses and Mentoring Men will remain the same during the week. However, beginning this Sunday worship services will be at Christ Community Church. Worship services are held at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. Here is the link to CCC’s website.
To God Be The Glory! We are so grateful to the leaders and people of Christ Community Church who have received us so well.

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Witness to the world


As we have been, and continue to be, transformed by God’s grace we show the world by word and deed that there is a hope beyond ourselves and this life. The marring of sin that infects us all and results in death is a reality we cannot deny to ourselves or others. Yet against the dark background of sin the light of the gospel shines most brightly. We may declare to the world that God makes holy all who trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and for restored fellowship with a holy God. Our perfection must wait for heaven but our pursuit is living humbly and holy before our God.
Worship in wonder


Why do we worship? Because we are amazed at the universe of God the Creator. Because we are astounded at the power of God Almighty. Because we are awed at the love of God our Savior. Worship is the natural response of people when they encounter something or someone whose greatness they recognize. We at Trinity Church, who have encountered the true and living God, worship with joy because of our salvation, with reverence because of God’s holiness, and with confidence because of God’s grace.
Work with willingness


God, having loved us in Jesus, calls us to live out that love towards others. The work of loving others is the work of sharing in the joys, the sorrows, the challenges of the lives of fellow believers. We form the family of God through fellowship rooted in unity with Jesus and, in serving each other, we serve our Savior (Matthew 25:40).